Public channels account for ~0.1% of Blockspace usage, plus some Blockchain spelunking

July 2021

Everything is tradeoffs

June 2021

Address reuse rocketed up from 25% to 35% over the course of this 2020-21 bull run to the highest level since 2013
On hash rate estimation

November 2020

Refining Coinbase Output Herfindahl Index
Tracking the important metrics for Bitcoin's security

October 2020

This week’s dramatic decrease in hashpower (close to -20%) has lead to something of a natural experiment occurring in the blockspace market: a bonafide…

July 2020

Recently I’ve been working on a metric to quantify how quickly coinbase outputs move off miner balance sheets and get integrated into the Bitcoin…
Bitcoin Security Margin: Notebook
Block Space Market: Jupyter Notebook, Rendered HTML